Press Release: Councilman Holloway Endorses Scott Fuhrman

South Miami, FL — Scott Fuhrman, businessman and Democratic candidate for Florida’s 27th Congressional District issued the following statement on Key Biscayne Village Councilman Theo Holloway’s recent endorsement:

“I’m humbled to earn the endorsement of Councilman Theo Holloway. He has been a champion working to improve communication with residents, and a leader in the fight against climate change and sea-level rise. I look forward to working with Councilman Holloway in this campaign and in Washington, D.C..”

In his endorsement, Councilman Holloway said:

“This district has the opportunity to elect someone ready to be a true advocate for both a strong economy and a healthier habitat around our coastlines. Mr. Fuhrman won’t just address climate change in an election year, but day-in and day-out. And Scott Fuhrman knows the challenges of hardworking people in Miami – he’s actually created jobs and runs a small business – he’ll fight for good jobs, good wages and good benefits for working families.”