America needs a better system of paid leave for parents

Currently, there are only 4 countries in the world without paid maternity leave: Liberia, Papa New Guinea, Swaziland… and… the United States.

America is a global powerhouse, yet we do so little for our children and new parents. This is obviously not right and it’s not how we should be governing. We must do better.

The data is clear. Instituting paid leave for new parents helps the economy and most importantly, fosters and protects our greatest resource, our children.

It saddens me that despite all the data describing the benefits of instituting paid leave for new parents, Republicans in Congress still feel this should not be addressed. This is as irresponsible as it gets.

We need new leaders and we need them fast.

Recently, Trump floated his own maternity leave proposal that would move us from last in the world to last among developed countries. Also, it would seek to guarantee only 40% of a mother’s earnings. These are not metrics we want to be behind the rest of the world on.

Do not let Republican leaders fool you into thinking that they are actually trying to make a difference.

Help me get to Congress November 8th. Click here to donate to the campaign.

We only have weeks to get this done!

-Scott Fuhrman