Scott Fuhrman is the fourth generation of his family to live in Miami. He is a husband, the father of two wonderful girls and a small business owner of the Florida Bottling Company which sells fruit juices under the Lakewood brand from their Miami location.

It was Scott’s growing family that, after many conversations with his wife, Lindsay – whom he met at Sunset Elementary School – ultimately inspired him to run for Congress. Scott felt a tremendous obligation to his growing family to step up and do his part to create a better future for them and their entire generation.

Scott strongly believes that we need to work hard to protect Social Security and Medicare – both to keep our promises to our seniors and to ensure the programs’ solvency for future generations. He will fight efforts to privatize these programs and weaken them in the future. Scott believes it is outrageous that his daughters could grow up in a country where women only earn $.79 on the dollar relative to what men make, and he will champion equal pay for equal work. And Scott believes we need to be doing much more to tackle the crisis on the horizon that is sea level rise and climate change – especially in South Florida where we can lead the world in developing new technologies to mitigate the impacts of sea level rise. Lastly, Scott is deeply disturbed by the direction and divisiveness of the Trump presidency which is targeting freedom of the press, people’s health care and breaking up immigrant families.

The Fuhrman family juice company was founded by Scott’s grandfather Fred who began working in Miami Beach as a taxi driver. The company regularly employs approximately 75 people, many of whom have been with the company for a decade or more. Scott and his family have always taken pride in paying good wages and providing good benefits to their employees. Scott knows that small businesses are critical to a thriving Miami. He also knows first hand that big dreams and hard work can only get a business so far. By ensuring access to capital and a strong workforce we see a return in the form of good paying jobs, investment in our community, and services we depend on. When small businesses have the tools to succeed, Miami succeeds.

Since he was a young Cub Scout (and his dad, Tom Fuhrman, was Scoutmaster), Scott has been devoted to giving back to this community. For his Eagle Scout project, he undertook an effort to reforest several acres of Bill Bragg State Park in Key Biscayne with thousands of mangrove seedlings – the results of which are paying dividends to the local marine ecosystem today. Since his youth, Scott has been a regular volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, the Center for Family & Child Enrichment, and the Homeless Assistance Center of Miami.

In addition to his volunteer efforts, Scott has been an active participant in Democratic politics, as a donor, volunteer and government staffer. In 2004, Scott served as the Deputy to Bob Farmer, the National Treasurer of the John Kerry for President campaign. In 2012, he was among the youngest members of President Obama’s National Finance Committee. Scott also worked as an intern for Florida Senator Bill Nelson’s campaign and U.S. Senate office, and as a staff assistant in the Senate office.

Scott graduated with a B.S. in Political Science from FSU in 2004 and holds an MBA and J.D. from the University of Miami.

Scott, Lindsay, Eleanor and Amelia Fuhrman live in South Miami.